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Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures

Hi! I have ten recessed can lights in my kitchen. They have been showing signs of something not quite right. They have a fluttering that occurs, along with an electricity sound, like a loose connection. With mild experience in electrical work, I was able to troubleshoot the problem, and it seems like I don't have a true neutral in the circuit. It appears that the conduit ground was used as the active neutral. I found a ground wire that was connected to one of my neutrals, and when I disconnected it, all 10 of the can lights went out. Is this a bootleg neutral?      When they are on, there is still the slight intermittent fluttering. They all look like they are being dimmed to about 60% as well, as though there isn’t enough power to keep up.     Another thing to note is that my living room, dining room and kitchen pendant lights are all on the same circuit and they work perfectly without any of that fluttering.       I bought this house a few years ago and they had

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