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Hello. I have a situation with my exterior. I have a huge dormer - it's almost a full room - that has a huge window. The top of the window is a big semi circle. I am seeing some signs of moisture on the interior trim. I looked carefully and it seems that the window was not caulked in this one area. It also is missing a coat of paint. This is probably allowing moisture in when wind drives the rain toward the house.

I have a special caulk that is great with UV sun rays, so I need that applied, a coat of white paint applied (two would be better), and there is a bit of sanding, scraping, wood filling, primering and painting to do on the interior trim.

The interior is a couple hours, but the exterior is more complicated. It might take 30 minutes total, but you would have to have a ladder on the roof to get to the top of the dormer (probably 12' up). I do not have the experience or equipment to do that safely. I need someone who can use a ladder on top of the roof or who has a huge lift to do this. Thus, I would need them to be insured.

Please let me know if you are interested.

USA, IL, Chicago

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