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Remodel a Basement

I would like to set up an office and workshop in my basement. The basement is ~800 sq. ft. but the water heater, etc. occupies some of the space, so not all is usable. There are currently no windows, as the basement is completely below ground level, and I want to see the feasibility of digging a trench and getting some natural light down there. It may be necessary to address water drainage issues before doing this conversion (there were some issues with this during the rainy season, and there is currently a sump pump). It may also be necessary to do some degree of radon remediation, as there were low levels detected. I also want to add a basement door - right now there is just an open staircase.

USA, IL, Chicago

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from 16.04.2019 to 17.04.2019



Weinstein Raymon

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20.01.2017 2017.


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