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Project is focus on Garage: 1: it seems several Joist from the ceiling of the garage broke thru the Drywall, and need to be repaired. 1A: This will include Removal of Garage Ceiling dry wall + Joist + Playwood. ( replace with new Drywall + Joist + Playwood) 2: Standard side door ( 32") need to be removed and opening need to be closed out with Stacco ( Removing door and closing it off). 3: Add Cabinets along two wall of garaged ( Need recommendation of cabinets) this will include layout/design. I am ready to start project Last week of Jan if possible or sooner. ( specially item 1 and 1A)

USA, IL, Chicago

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from 10.01.2017 to 9.02.2017



Steel Fritz

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17.01.2017 2017.


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